Oct 9, 2019
The announce of new member

With the announce of the new demoniac propaganda, Ilgar has joined the band on the bass after participating in the recording sessions of ‘Demoniac Ethics’ and Zifir has once again become a trio.

Oct 1, 2019
New Album: Demoniac Ethics

Fourth full length album of Zifir “Demoniac Ethics” scheduled to be released on January 2020 via Duplicate Records.


01. Sûr
02. Chants for Execution
03. Still Reigning
04. Empire of Worms
05. Gökyüzü Karanlık
06. An Eerie Moment
07. Chaos Clouds
08. Spirit of Goats
09. A Bleak Portrait
10. Ephemeral Idols
11. Insects as Messengers

More news to follow soon. Spread the malady!

Jul 16, 2019
Kingdom of Nothingness - 2019 T-shirt

"Kingdom of Nothingness" t-shirts available at bandcamp page now. Unlimited stream of the album is also included.

Spread the malady!

"Kingdom of Nothingness" t-shirt leri satışa çıktı, mesaj yoluyla sipariş verebilirsiniz.


Jul 1, 2019
New Album Updates

Zifir have finished recording session for the new album which is planned to be out in late 2019.

Album is currently in mix & mastering process. 


2019 yılı sonbaharında çıkması planlanan yeni albümün kayıtları tamamlandı ve mix-mastering aşamasına geçildi.



Jan 15, 2019
New Website!

Zifir new website is now online with the new domain and layout! The new layout reflects the bleak sound and the chaotic state of Zifir in all aspects. Ogino Design, the producer of the new website and Russian artist Vergvoktre, the creator of visuals are both well known with their devilish works. Spread the malady and stay tuned for more news from the house of demoniac propaganda...

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